日本コロイドヨード研究会 ◆What is colloidal iodine?

A formulation utilizing a world-first technology for converting iodine into a colloidal state to make it absorbable into the body at a large doses. Iodine exists in the thyroid gland. It is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are essential hormones for human body and play important roles in increasing metabolism, growth promotion, nutrient absorption and generating energy. JCI MN colloidal iodine® developed by applying colloid chemistry, is containing ultra-fined iodine which can be easily taken into cells consisting tissues and organs of a human body.

日本コロイドヨード研究会 ◆Advantage of JCI MN colloidal iodine® therapy

・Can kill only cancer cells
・Does not injure but activate normal cells
・May have fewer side effects
・Without drug tolerance
・No cumulative effects
Larger than a molecule, but invisible through a normal microscope. A state in which particles about 10-9〜10-7m in diameter disperse in gas liquid or solid.
*Colloidal conversion
A technology for reducing the molecular weight of a substance to a level easily absorbed by the body, and converting the size to a level usable by biological cells.
Iodine is a chemical element with the symbol “I” and atomic number 53. It is conventionally used as a contrast agent for x-ray and CT scan, disinfectant, mouthwash, thyroid disease drug, and so on as a therapeutic agent with high bactericidal effect.

日本コロイドヨード研究会 ◆Reserch report

日本コロイドヨード研究会 ◆Ryusuke Fujiki

Graduated from Kitasato University School of Medicine in 1982 and started working at Toyama University School of Medicine and Pharmacy (Currently Toyama University Medical School) Second Dept of Surgery, As of 1986, Director of Healthcare Foundation

Director of Medical Service, Central Medical Service Div.
Specialized in surgical treatment of malignant tumors of the Gastrointestinal system. By adding his own individually customized adjuvant therapy to thermotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, reduced dose chemotherapy, He is actively involved in the treatment of cancer patients not only in Toyama and Ishikawa but throughout Japan and even China. Actively involved in lecturing throughout Japan on minimally invasive multidisciplinary cancer treatment. He collaborates with the JCI Colloidal Iodine Research Center in both theoretical and clinical research into applications for JCI MN Colloidal Iodine.

*Other responsibilities
・Director of the Grace Association
・Lecturer, Department of Environmental and Preventive Medicine,
Kanazawa University, School of Medicine.
・Part-time Lecturer, Department of Radiological Sciences, Toyama University School of Medicine
・Part-time Lecturer, Laboratory of Cell and Gene Therapy, Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences, Hyogo College of Medicine.
*Books Published
“The Horrors of Oxidative Stress” Gendai Shorin Sha
“Health Risk Management for the Modern Man” Kitaguni Shimbunsha Shuppanbu